Innofil Polypropylene (PP) Filament
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Innofil3D PP is high performance thermoplastic with low density, high elasticity and a high resistance to fatigue. The mechanical properties of make it an ideal material for 3D-printing applications which have to endure high stress or strain. The properties of our PP filament are:

  • Low density
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to fatigue
  • Elasticity and toughness
  • Insulation

PP is one the most used materials in the world due to its versatility and ability to engineer light weight tough parts. With this PP filament Innofil3D enables these solutions to be available professional 3D-printing. To provide users with valuable information we have collected data regarding the mechanical properties of the printed material according to the ISO standards. For more information go to


Colour : Natural

Diameter: 2.85mm

Weight: 750gr