Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack

Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack
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Within seconds, your lightweight Ultimaker 2 Go packaging is turned into a useful backpack. Great for life on the go, the comfortable straps let you carry it with ease.

Whether you're traveling by foot, bike or by plane, your Ultimaker 2 Go will arrive safely, giving you the flexibility to print almost anywhere. Once done, just pack it up, wear it on your back and you're ready to carry on your journey.

  • Makes it easy to transport your Ultimaker 2 Go
  • Your Ultimaker 2 Go is kept safe on the move inside its packaging
  • The Ultimaker 2 Go is really light, so you'll hardly notice it on your back
  • Inside the packaging there's even space to store tools
  • The whole package is so sturdy you can take it with you on the plane

Ultimaker 2 Go free backpack offer

Until 10th October we're shipping the Ultimaker 2 Go with our handy backpack add-on. So now you can carry one of the most powerful little 3D printers with you everywhere you go.

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